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  • Unexpected Gifts - We’re always telling you just how much we appreciate you. As customers, as readers, as just general supporters for the library, we value your support. Recently we got a little love back when Rita Offindani sent us some mementos all the way from Tenerife which is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands! The box was … Continue reading Unexpected Gifts

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Power UP (3/15/2017) - You’re never too old, or too young to learn new technology. When Ruth Capistrano, a recent college graduate with a degree in psychology, made it her goal to learn all she could about MS Excel to beef up her resume she wasn’t expecting to discover new tips and tricks for email. But that’s what happened … Continue reading Power UP
Women in Lit! (3/10/2017) - March is Women’s History Month. What’s the best way to celebrate? By giving major props to some of the best female authors and books about women…and maybe cheering on your fellow lady friends too! While these two lists are nowhere near comprehensive, they are a great place to start! Female Authors You Need To Read: … Continue reading Women in Lit!
February Staff Picks! (3/1/2017) - This month we have started featuring a series of books chosen by our fabulous staff. Once a week our literary mavens will be featured on our social media channels. At the end of every month we will combine them into one spot for you right here; that way you won’t miss a single book! These choices … Continue reading February Staff Picks!
What’s in a Name (2/22/2017) - Lorena Inclán, a reporter with CBS47/FOX30 Action News Jax, delivered an inspirational message at the Main Library on Feb. 1 to help launch this year’s JAX READS!/NEA Big Read initiative. The event announced The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, the novel that the entire community will be reading and discussing together through March 11. Lorena said … Continue reading What’s in a Name
NEA Big Read (2/14/2017) - We’ve just announced the annual JaxReads! program, and we can’t wait to share it with you! JaxReads! is a community reading opportunity where everyone in Jacksonville is invited to participate in reading the same book. It’s designed to spark community discussion of the book’s themes, and here is your formal invitation to join the conversation!  This … Continue reading NEA Big Read
Galentine’s Day! (2/7/2017) - February 14th is a day for romance, for chocolates and roses and Hallmark cards in the sacred tradition of St. Valentine…but the day before is for the time-honored tradition (you know, since 2010) of celebrating gals! First introduce by Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, in Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a day anyone … Continue reading Galentine’s Day!
Destination: Library (1/31/2017) - Have you heard? Jacksonville is an emerging top tourist destination. Yes, really! According to TripAdvisor, millions of their users have named Jacksonville as “one of the top 10 destinations on the rise in the U.S. for 2016.” We know we are a must see city, and we’re glad that TripAdvisor, and all those who voted … Continue reading Destination: Library
Who is Kesha? (1/23/2017) - Names. They tell the story of our existence without ever uttering a word. You are given one before you can say or spell it. They give us pride. They are passed down to us. My husband is the third. You may be named for someone close to you, most often your parents. Our names are … Continue reading Who is Kesha?
Become a 3D Printer Master (1/17/2017) - We have an exciting update for 2017: Starting this month we will be offering on demand 3D printer services! You may be excited at the thought of being able to print your very own designs without purchasing your own 3D printer. Or, you may be thinking this is cool, but why am I interested!? What … Continue reading Become a 3D Printer Master
Yes, AND! (1/9/2017) - Say it with me: “I. Feel. Great. YES!” On Fridays in the Main Library’s Teen Department, this is how we start off Shenanigans, a program of games and activities based on improv. To gear ourselves up for an hour of silliness and “shenanigans,” we all rub our hands together and shout the phrase together three … Continue reading Yes, AND!