How YOU can advocate the JPL:

Although National Library Week comes around once a year, our customers and communities demonstrate their ongoing support of the Jacksonville Public Library on a daily basis. Thanks to you, every week at JPL is National Library Week. However, looming city budget cuts to the tune of $6 million threaten to drastically reduce our ability to provide essential library services. Read more about the proposed budget cuts.

If you treasure the Jacksonville Public Library and believe that we are an integral partner in our city’s future, please consider contacting your local and state representatives to stress the importance of providing adequate library funding.

Ways to Advocate the Jacksonville Public Library:

Contact the 2011 Duval County General Election candidates and urge them to support the future of the Jacksonville Public Library. Click here for a list of the candidates.

Contact your City Council representative by visiting the My Neighborhood search on the City of Jacksonville website and entering your address to locate specific contact information for your council member.

Visit, click “Find Your Representative,” and enter your address to locate contact information for your Florida elected officials. Let them know what we mean to you and your family.

Share this information with your friends and family and encourage them support the JPL. Read more about additional ways to support us here.

If you’re not convinced that the Jacksonville Public Library is an indispensable community resource, take a moment to read the stories of people just like you who rely on their library. From children’s programs and educational resources to adult literacy, assistance for job seekers, and special needs services, we are much more than just books–we’re a vital community hub that people depend on.

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