Send a Message for State Aid

EDIT: State Aid for Public Libraries was approved by Senate and House Budget Chairs at $21.3 million–an increase of $100,000 over the current year. Click here to send a thank-you note to legislators and leaders!

Funding for the Jacksonville Public Library is not only at risk due to proposed cuts at the city level; it’s at risk of proposed cuts at the state level.  The Jacksonville Public Library depends greatly on funding through State Aid to Public Libraries grants, as well as associated federal funds, to serve the people of Duval County.

In FY 2010, $21.2 million was appropriated by the Florida State Legislature to fund State Aid.  If state funding is not eliminated but is reduced below the current level, critically needed federal funds that come with the State Aid allocation will be lost.  Learn more about the impact on Duval County and the library if State Aid is cut.

State Aid for Public Libraries is needed now more than ever if the library is to provide essential information and services.

We need your help to ensure these funds are appropriated in the upcoming legislative session. The Florida Library Association has made it easy for you to send a message to lawmakers:  just click on this link, add in your personal information and hit Send Message.  That’s it!

Thank you for your support.

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