Library operations to be cut $4.6 million

Mayor Alvin Brown Monday unveiled his budget proposal for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year which begins Oct. 1. While his proposal shows a $4.3 million reduction in the library’s budget next year as compared to the current year, it will have the same impact on library operations as the $4.66 million cut previously requested because the cuts to staffing and materials remained the same.

As posted earlier, the budget reduction will result in a loss of 71 full time positions, less money for library aterials and fewer hours during which your library will be open. We will keep you posted as things continue to develop. Thanks to all who have visited our Support Us page to find out how to help the library—we appreciate it!

One comment

  1. My library in New Mexico charged ~$10.00 for a library card for those who wanted to use the Library’s computers. I don’t think anyone would mind paying a little something each year for the use of computers. Has this been discussed during your budget meetings?

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