How will the cuts impact you?

Mayor Brown has submitted a budget to the City Council containing $4.6 million in cuts to the operating expenses of the Jacksonville Public Library’s budget for 2013.  The reductions mean libraries closed on Sundays and most also closed on Mondays, fewer library hours during the week, less money for library materials, and job cuts.

How will you and your family be affected by these cuts? The Board of Library Trustees has posted a survey to find out. It will take just a minute or two. Thanks for your input!

Go here to take the survey:

PLEASE NOTE:  The budget survey is now closed.  However, you may still let us know what you think about the budget cuts or any other library issue. Just head over to our online Customer Satisfaction Survey at:  THANKS!


  1. I just read about the money being approved for the sheriff’s office. While I agree that the sheriff’s office is important, my first thought was “that’s a good thing, because with more kids on the street because the library is closed, we’ll need more officers on the street”. The library is a Safe Place. Not all families have computers at home. Kids NEED the library to complete their homework. Reduce the hours if necessary, but keep the library open at least 6 days a week. Again, I can’t believe that closing the library is even up for consideration.

  2. I depend on my library. I am a senior citizen and on a very limited budget. I read 4 or 5 books a week and if it were not for the library I would not have this opportunity. Since drilving is somewhat difficult for me I like to go by whatever library is close to where ever I am going anyway and fewer hours could make that impossible I can fit the library around my medical appointments, etc. but I can’t fit my appointnents around library hours.

  3. Our Jax Public Libraries are an EXTREMELY integral resource in our community which incorporates and unites ALL age groups, ALL socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicities. It’s the only place I know of that brings so many diverse people together to share in the love of learning, reading, social interaction, and contribution to others in an atmosphere of peace. Our Jacksonville Libraries are our society’s only OASIS! I do not understand why government expects we the citizens to live within our means and use our paychecks wisely and yet they “our government beaurocrats” cannot figure out how to balance our city’s budget without either increasing taxes or cutting our most valuable assets. Most of us don’t have the option of increasing our pay each year or cutting our work hours if our employers don’t pay up. I strongly believe in teaching others and providing resources to our citizens to become more valuable members of society. That is what our libraries provide, “HOPE” for a better future. I’m a veteran who has proudly served this beautiful country and I despise free handouts to those who don’t work for it and who don’t appreciate our freedom. If our libraries are cut, then the opportunity for Jacksonville to create a more productive society will also diminish.

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