Last chance to join in on the survey!

We are grateful to all who have completed the Board of Library Trustees Budget Survey so far. If you haven’t responded yet, you have until midnight August 23, so go to this link now to let the board know how the proposed $4.6 million in library budget cuts will impact you. 

Here’s what some of you are saying:

“The library is a Safe Place. Not all families have computers at home. Kids NEED the library to complete their homework. Reduce the hours if necessary, but keep the library open at least 6 days a week.”

“I depend on my library. I am a senior citizen and on a very limited budget. I read 4 or 5 books a week and if it were not for the library I would not have this opportunity. Since driving is somewhat difficult for me I like to go by whatever library is close to where ever I am going anyway and fewer hours could make that impossible I can fit the library around my medical appointments, etc. but I can’t fit my appointments around library hours.”

“I remember when the library was opened until 9 only Mon-Wed. It was not always perfect for me since I worked Downtown but I adapted because the library was on 6 days a week. I would rather have the library open the most number of DAYS.”

We love your feedback and appreciate your ongoing support!

One comment

  1. The public library is my family’s only place to connect on to the internet. We don’t have computers at home. It is our way to reduce our impact on the world and to stay connected with long distance family. To have flexiblity in library times is critical as often as a family we head down on Sunday and spend the day looking for books, videos, dvds and catching up on emails. this shut down and budget cuts is so sad. I’m sure there can be other ways to get the money.

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