Survey says…

Thank you for the incredible response to the recent survey about the impact of the budget cuts proposed for the library.  Nearly 4,000 people completed the survey and 1240 people included additional comments. We are grateful for your participation and support!

The majority of respondents (more than 80%) ranked the loss of new materials as the proposed cut that would have the biggest negative impact on them and their families.  Almost 60% indicated that all libraries being closed on Sunday would affect them the least.

Well over a third of the comments were from customers expressing concern over how the cuts would affect literacy and education in Duval County.  And 15% expressed concern about the impact it would have on their ability to do their job well, on job seekers ability to find and apply for work, on the economy, and on their personal finances.

The survey is closed now, but we always appreciate hearing from you regarding your library experience, how we can better serve you and what you value most from your library.  Share your thoughts through our online survey at

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