Checkout History remembers books for you

By Lynn Jacobson, Library Supervisor, Integrated Library Systems

Jacobson_LynnHave you ever tried to remember the name of a book so you could check it out again? Maybe you’d like to keep track of how many books you read every month. Now, you can get a list of your personalized reading history in a matter of seconds. Checkout History will keep track of the materials you check out at the library—books, CDs and DVDs—from activation date for up to a year (e-books not included). The new feature gives you detailed information such as title, author, time and date of checkout and return, all for your personal reference. It also shows current items checked out, times renewed, and due dates.

Checkout History is an optional feature that’s easily accessible using any device with a web browser to access the JPL catalog. The information stored is for your personal use and can be viewed only by those with access to your account. Library staff cannot view your information. You can activate or disable Checkout History with a few clicks. So don’t rack your brain trying to come up with that book you loved so much, just go to your Checkout History!

To activate your Checkout History:

  1. Log into your library account online (click My Account)
  2. On the Personal Information Tab under Preferences, check both boxes for “Show my checkout history” and “Record my checkout history.”
  3. Click the Update button.
  4. Under Checkouts, click My Checkout History to view your history of items that you have checked out and returned. (Note: Items appear after they have been returned and processed.) Click My Current Checkouts to view materials you have checked out.

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