Five reasons Stan Lee has a library card in his wallet

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month and legendary Marvel comic creator Stan Lee is serving as the Honorary Chair of the program for the American Library Association. His quote for the campaign: “The smartest card in my wallet? It’s a library card.”

What’s in your wallet? In a speech at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and in a promotional video, Lee gave five reasons to carry a library card:Stan_Lee_PSA_375x474

  1. “When I was a kid, I couldn’t afford to buy the books I wanted, but three blocks away there was a public library and man, to me it was a magic place.”
  2. “There was the book. I walk in, I give them the card, they stamp the card, I take the book home, it’s mine for a few days and I can read it.”
  3. “When you have a library card, it’s like having a key to all the information in the world.”
  4. “When you have a library card, you can read anything about anything, and I found whatever you read it doesn’t matter–it increases your fund of knowledge.”
  5. “So a library card is an ‘open sesame’ to all the knowledge in the world.”

We couldn’t have said it better, Mr. Lee, but we do have a few more reasons to sign up for a library card at Jacksonville Public Library today:

  1. OneClickdigital is here. Library card holders can enjoy an additional 4,500 e-audiobook titles at home, in the library or on the go. image001All you need is a free app for a mobile device, access to the library’s webpage AND a library card.
  2. Library discounts are available. Library card holders enjoy discounts to various museum exhibits, performing art shows and more throughout the city.
  3. Free entertainment is easy to access. A library card means access to books, e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, Special Collections, exhibits and concerts.
  4. Attend workshops and computer classes for free! Get advice from lawyers and financial experts, help with job search and tax forms, and attend free computer classes or one-on-one sessions with an e-library specialist.
  5. Enjoy children and teen literacy programs. Look for hundreds of youth special reading programs year-round at the library.

And did we mention it’s FREE? See you at the library.



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