Just in time for the holidays…get hooked on Hoopla—our new streaming service

Hoopla family bannerHave you signed up for Hoopla? It’s a new library service that lets you instantly borrow movies, television shows, audiobooks and music albums with your library card—for free—and enjoy them on your computer, tablet or smart phone, with no holds and no late fees. Just think of the money you can save over the holidays and every day by streaming free entertainment. Choose from more than 200,000 titles for adults, teens and children. Then sit back and relax with a classic holiday movie or music.

With Hoopla, you can stream content from major Hollywood movie studios and more. There are never holds because there are no limits to the number of people who can check out the same item at one time. There are no late fees because titles are returned automatically.

Offered through Hoopla Digital, the new library service allows card holders instant access to more than 200,000 titles including 4,500 movies; more than 180,000 music albums; more than 8,000 TV episodes; and12,000 audiobooks. New titles are added continually.

With Hoopla, you can enjoy a variety of recreational and informational media at home or on the go, with just a library card. Customers who don’t have a JPL library card can sign up for a card online and begin taking advantage of Hoopla.

Here are more details about Hoopla:

  • Borrow videos for three days; music for seven; and audiobooks for 21.
  • View or listen to borrowed content as often as you want during the checkout period and return any borrowed title at any time.
  • Enjoy 10 Hoopla checkouts per month, per library card.
  • With a mobile device or tablet, you will be able to stream or temporarily download movies or music; your computer and laptop viewing is limited to streaming.
  • There are movies for all ages including action and adventure, dramas and romances, holiday favorites, exercise and educational movies, as well as instructional videos aimed at homeschoolers.
  • Music titles include most of the Billboard Top 25.

To find a Quick Start guide to Hoopla, go to the JPL website and click on E-Books and More. Hoopla is a service designed specifically for libraries and provided by Midwest Tapes, a vendor that has provided services to libraries for more than 20 years.

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