New catalog feature makes it easy to find information in one place.

Capture e-Research tabWelcome to our improved catalog, where researching for multiple resources just got easier. With a single catalog search—just one easy step—new information resources are available at your fingertips. In addition to a list of books, you will find a new “e-Research” tab that lists articles and more. One search, multiple resources.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, but you would like more information on what diet works best. So you start at the library website, select “Search the Catalog” and enter the search word “dieting.” Or you can use the advanced search option. Now in addition to a listing of books under “Search Results,” you can click the e-Research tab to find a list of articles and more.

For this particular search, you have also found a Research Starter, which provides a summary of your search topic and leads you to more resources.

Dieting search 1


With more than 60,000 results, you will want to narrow the choices. Look at the left column and start making selections. Perhaps you select full text only, news articles and then narrow the subject to weight loss. Now you have close to 100 results. You can either narrow the search further or start reading.

Dieting search 2

With this new feature, in addition to books you can check out, you have articles you can download immediately. One search, multiple resources—all at your fingertips.

Give it a try. We’ve made it easier than ever.

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