A virtual book club with a twist. Read, comment, and tune in.

fcc_book_club_logo_02_FINALThe Jacksonville Public Library and WJCT have launched the First Coast Connect Book Club for library and literature lovers. Each month, WJCT’s First Coast Connect Book Blogger Stacey Goldring will discuss engaging books with relevant and thought-provoking themes. We invite you to join in the conversation, discuss your opinions, and add ideas to the literary discussion.

At the end of each month, the title of the next month’s book will be announced. Check out a copy at any Jacksonville Public Library, or purchase a copy at The Book Nook or Chamblin’s. Mention you’re with the First Coast Connect Book Club and get a discount.

Then … get reading!Dreaming in Cuban

After you’ve read the book (or stopped reading it!), we want to hear from you via email at firstcoastconnect@wjct.org. Tell us what you think of the book. Share any questions, emotions, memories or ideas that it triggered. Would you read another book by the same author? At the end of the month, Stacey and host Melissa Ross will discuss the book and share your comments during First Coast Connect.

So tune in and start reading!

The First Coast Connect Book Club selection for April:  Dreaming in Cuban

Place an online hold or find it at area libraries.

First Coast Connect airs every weekday at 9 a.m. on 89.9 WJCT-FM.


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  1. i hope you will consider having selections that are available in the library’s Overdrive section for reading on Kindle (i.e. e-books). I prefer to do all my reading that way. I do see that the new selection is available for Kindle on Amazon so I can purchase it there.

    1. The book “Dreaming in Cuban” is available in OverDrive here It’s possible it wasn’t available when you first checked–I do apologize. We try to carry as many e-books as we can; unfortunately, they are often several times the price of print books, and with a limited budget, we’re limited in how many we can purchase each year.

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