Now paying library fines is as easy as going online.

Customers asked for an online payment service to pay overdue fines and JPL technology staff delivered. Now you won’t have to wait until your next library visit to pay an overdue fine. At any hour of any day, you can pay your fine online and continue to check out materials.

Making life easier for us all is the whole idea behind the library’s new online payment system, which allows customers to pay fines by logging into their account through the JPL website.

How do you know if you have an unpaid fine? Once you log into your account, you will see a red exclamation mark beside Bills if you have an outstanding fine. Click the tab for details.

Bills tab

What are the Terms and Conditions? Customers must agree to pay a 50-cent nonrefundable fee, which will cover a portion of the bank transaction fees charged to the library. JPL pays the remainder for you in order to provide this convenience. The library uses ProPay to process the online payments, so transactions on your bank statements will appear as PP*.

Make a Payment buttonWhat credit cards can you use? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club and JCB (from JCB International Credit Card Co.) will be accepted online.

What information will you need to provide? As shown below, you will enter payment type, name, card number, CVV code, and zip code. Remember, the CVV or Card Verification Value is either 3-digits or four, depending on the card you’re using.

Payment onfo                 CVV code

Is the transaction secure? Yes. We are using ProPay, a national credit card processing network, to ensure that all security regulations are being met. The library will have no access to credit card information.

Do you get a receipt? Check the box if you want an email sent to you from ProPay. You can also print the final confirmation page as a receipt.

One more thing … If you have overdue material, you will now be able to renew those items so the overdue fines can be charged to your account. Then you will be able to pay the fine online. In addition, our new system will allow you to place holds even if your account has been blocked. You won’t be able to check out the materials, however, until the fine is paid.

That’s it! Now you can save time and pay your fine online. Questions? Use the “Questions about My Account” form at

JPL customers have three ways to pay overdue fines:

  • Online – Use your credit card to pay online 24 hours a day.
  • In person – Pay by cash, check or credit card at any of the Jacksonville Public Library locations during regular operating hours.
  • At self-check machines – Pay by credit card while viewing your account on the self-check machines.

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