5 Common Tech Myths Debunked

Tech MythsMyth:
You shouldn’t charge your gadget overnight.

Truth: Modern electronics automatically stop before the battery overcharges.


Myth: Don’t use third-party chargers.

Truth: There is a difference between knockoff chargers and third-party chargers. A third-party charger is an Apple or Android-compatible charger from a reputable company. Third-party chargers are OK to buy.  Knockoff chargers usually don’t have a brand name, or they say they’re from Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc., but have a ridiculously low price. Avoid them at all costs.


Myth: You have to let your battery drain to zero before charging.

Truth: Lithium-ion batteries in modern gadgets last longest when you keep them between 40% and 80% charged. Also, if you let Li-ion batteries discharge completely for too long, they can be permanently damaged or become dangerous.


Myth: You need to regularly defragment your hard drive.

Truth: Defragmenting is built into Windows and other major operating systems, and runs automatically as needed. There’s no need for you to do a thing.


Myth: Private browsing is totally private.

Truth: Private browsing isn’t foolproof. It doesn’t hide your browsing from your Internet service provider, the sites you visit or any law enforcement that happens to be watching. Like most things in tech, private only means that it’s harder to find.

Tech Tips are provided by the E-Library Specialists at Jacksonville Public Library.

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