Tech News & Tips: How Smart is Your Smartphone?

How Smart is Your Smartphone?


As technology improves, the smartphones—basically small computers—we carry around in our pockets certainly seem to be getting smarter every day. In addition, hundreds of
apps are now available to make our lives easier. But which ones to choose?

We asked E-Library Specialist John Carter for a few recommendations.

Here’s his list: Smartphone Apps for Android and iPhone

  • Feedly/Flipboard/Play Newsstand

Keeping up with the endless cavalcade of news can almost be a full-time job.  With an RSS reader such as Feedly, Flipboard, or Play Newsstand you can cut that time down dramatically, collecting all your favorite websites in one location and allowing you to manage what you read and when.

  • Google Keep

Google Keep is Post-Its for the digital world. Any time you need to remember something Keep can make a note of it. You can set reminders, save images, audio notes and more. And, because it is a Google Service, your notes will show up across multiple devices.

  • Evernote/OneNote

Evernote and OneNote are like Google Keep but with a much deeper and robust management system. You can save notes, voice memos and files and access them whenever and wherever you need them. Tags, hyperlinks, and other management controls allow you to do anything from make simple notes all the way to fully-formed multi-page documents.

  • Microsoft Office/Google Docs/iWork

If you’re someone who needs to write, manage data, or create presentations on the go, then you should try Microsoft Office Mobile’s Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for your device. For the Google ecosystem there are similar versions of the apps.  IPhones and iPads can also make use of Apple’s iWork suite, which has similar features.

  • Weather

Ever wanted to know if it was going to rain but didn’t want to wait until the weather came up on the morning news?  The Weather Channel has an app for that. With current temperatures, forecasts, radar and more, you will be ready for whatever nature has in store.

Thanks for the information, John!


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