Volunteer is “Friendly Ambassador for the Library”

janet mcinall
Volunteer, Janet McInall teaching students during free weekly math tutoring sessions at South Mandarin Branch Library.

All of JPL’s volunteers are special to us and we will take the time to recognize and thank them during National Volunteer Week April 10 – 16. One such volunteer is Janet McInall.

An empty nest led McInall, a professional math tutor, to the South Mandarin Branch Library in the fall of 2014. After her daughter left for college, Janet looked for ways to use her skills. McInall, who also worked as a nuclear engineer, (yes, she’s really smart) wanted to provide that “extra boost” some students need to succeed. So she walked into the library and asked then branch manager, Keli Likins “Would you like a math tutor?” Likins, who is now a regional manager, jumped at the chance to put Janet’s expertise to work for the benefit of library customers.

What a benefit it is. Students in grades 6 – 12 can get free math help from McInall every Thursday from 5:30 – 7 p.m. With her lively personality, Janet puts students at ease. She wants to help and not necessarily be an authority figure. McInall’s approach is to help students learn the material so that they can then teach it to someone else.

The word about Janet’s skills is growing. One student traveled from the Normandy area to the South Mandarin Branch to get her help. But Janet isn’t focused on the number of students that come to tutoring. She says, “I am satisfied if even one student gets the math help they just couldn’t find anywhere else! I love the library. They didn’t turn me away. I consider myself a friendly ambassador for the library.”

You certainly are, Janet McInall! In the words of Keli Likins, “Janet is dedicated to helping local students improve their math skills by volunteering her time every single week. She means a lot to the library and we greatly appreciate her work.”

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