Students Share about Summer Internship Experience

By Na'Kerriya Bartley Intern, Community Relations & Marketing, Main Library
By Na’Kerriya Bartley Intern, Community Relations & Marketing, Main Library

A summer internship is the best way to see how it feels to have a job if you’ve never had one. With the 2016 Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program I have experienced what it’s like to work for six weeks. Personally, I liked doing the internship. I recently surveyed two interns to get their opinions on their summer jobs as well. Corey Davis and Mikayla Terry who both worked at the Main Library answered questions about their internship experience.

Q: What did you do?

Corey: I helped with filing, computer work, looked over papers and ran errands.
Mikayla: I did filing, computer work, put together meetings, and organized books in alphabetical order.

Q: What are some skills you learned?

Corey: I learned how to use Microsoft Word, how to print and make labels for envelopes, how to complete files on Google and Dropbox including organizing and uploading.
Mikayla: I learned how to use Access, run an office printer, and file papers.

Q: What did you enjoy most about this experience?

Corey: I enjoyed it because it was fun. I had lots to do and overall I learned new things every day.

Interns Mikayla (left) and Cory Davis (right) worked at the library this summer.
Interns Mikayla Terry (left) and Corey Davis (right) worked at the library this summer.

Mikayla: I enjoyed learning new stuff that I didn’t know before and things that could possibly help me in the future.

Q: Do you think this experience will help you in the future? How so?

Corey: Yes, because this internship helped me learn skills that I could use in a later life and use in many other jobs that I get.
Mikayla: Yes, because doing this internship means I have some experience and it will help me get more jobs in the future.

Q: Would you recommend others to do an internship? Why?

Corey: Yes, because they would enjoy it. You get to be around people and learn new things that could help in the future.
Mikayla: Yes, because this internship is a nice little starter for kids who haven’t had a job before and it would look good on a resume.

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