Happy Birthday, Adeline


The Jacksonville Public Library has a different meaning for everyone. For some it is a place to relax and get away from the noise, or a place to access unlimited resources. For the Petlansky family it is a “beautiful sanctuary of information and imagination.”

The Petlansky’s are longtime customers of the Main Library. When they became pregnant with their first-born, they knew the library was the perfect backdrop for their pregnancy photos. When we saw their photos on Facebook, we knew we had to get the scoop.“We decided early on that we would encourage reading and a thirst for knowledge with our daughter – so the library is kind of like our church,” remarked Adeline’s father, David Petlansky. “The downtown library is easily at the top our list of things that make us proud to live in Jacksonville.”


The couple, who runs their own photography business called Pitseleh Pictures, took the photos exactly one year apart in some of their favorite spots around the Main Library. The couple chose the Imagination Squared mural because it “expresses the kind of diversity and ‘out of the boxness’ [they] want to instill in their daughter,” David explained.


David shared with us that his love for the library dates back to a school field trip to the old downtown library in the 4th grade. David said he remembers being amazed at how big it was compared to the school library and other local branches. “It was the first time I can remember feeling like I could know whatever I wanted – not just what I was taught by others.”

Adeline, who turns one year old today, loves water and especially loved the fountain in the courtyard of the Main library. Her mom, Angela, called Adeline her “little mermaid” while she was swimming in her belly.

The family uses the library as their place of choice to spend a leisurely day together. We are so glad you enjoy it, Petlansky’s! And happy birthday, Adeline!


Check out the rest of the adorable pictures in our Flickr Album.

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