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Support Your Library Your Way!

We want to give you the opportunity to be generous! Whether your passion is books, literacy, children’s programs, or technology the Foundation can help you fund your passion. Your support helps pay for enhanced programs, services, equipment, and collections at any one (or all!) of the Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) branches.

jplf-logo-125pxFor more information about any of the campaigns or other ways you can support your library contact the Foundation office at 904-630-1995 or You may also visit our website at

Current Foundation Campaigns

joy-g-korman-endowment-logo-144dpiThe Joy G. Korman Endowment is intended to benefit children’s programs at any of the 21 library branches across the City. The original gift was a pledge of $100,000 by the friends and family of Joy Korman to celebrate a significant birthday in 2015. A percentage of the earnings (not the corpus) are made available by the Foundation to the JPL each year to support early literacy, storytimes, a book festival, and other programs for children. Donate now!

PrintThe Golden Book Society is a group of special friends of the library who believe that our library is one of the city’s most treasured assets and essential for enriching the lives of our citizens by creating a vibrant community. Through gifts of $1,000 or more, members of the Golden Book Society help sustain important programs that inspire learning and imagination to develop skills that fuel the aspirations of Jacksonville residents. All donations are placed into The Next Chapter Endowment, and a percentage of the earnings are gifted to the library each year. Donate now!

Technology Resources Campaign

technology_resources_campaignPublic libraries have always been purveyors of information – whether in physical books or digital formats. Digital literacy is, of course, as essential to success today as verbal literacy. More customers than ever before are using the library as a public space to collectively learn, create, and expand their knowledge and abilities. JPL spaces are used to access the Internet, search for jobs, take classes, utilize online government services, and promote a learning culture throughout the community, equally for all people.

All funds raised by this campaign go directly to fund technology programs, services, and equipment defined by the JPL. This includes monies to fund the Jax Makerspace.  Donate now!

Educational Success for Children Campaign

support-your-library-eduStudies show that approximately one-third of American children are not kindergarten ready, and without reading and math enrichment during the summer children can lose one to two months of learning; year after year that loss adds up. Additionally, early literacy skills help to provide children a lifelong love of learning and the ability to succeed in school and in job-readiness later in life.

With private funds the Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) can play a more vigorous role in the Educational Success for Children. Educational Success for Children includes research-based programming to enhance early literacy and a lifelong love of learning through JPL initiatives such as the Summer Learning program, a Children’s Book Festival, and dozens of ongoing programs throughout the City.  Donate now!

Endowment versus Fund

The Foundation raises money through various campaigns, events, and appeals for endowments and for funds. Money that is invested in an endowment (i.e. Joy G. Korman Endowment or The Next Chapter Endowment) provides income off of annual earnings, but the original gift is not spent. Money that is given to certain funds (i.e. Technology Resources or Educational Success for Children) are spent as needed for approved purchases by the JPL.

If you would like your donation to live on for years to come then consider investing that money with the Foundation through an endowment. If, however, you would like your gift to be spent to enhance current programs and services then a restricted or unrestricted fund will help make the library great!

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