First Coast Connect & JPL Book Club: October Literary Ballot


This Book Discussion aired October 11 on WJCT FM First Coast Connect, but you won’t miss a thing! Click here to read the WJCT transcript of the book discussion or listen to the entire show. And send in your comments.




October Literary Ballot
strangersonatrainPatricia Highsmith was known to carry snails around in her purse. She murdered her characters in locations throughout New York City where she had sexual encounters. She ironed her jeans. She loved to weed because she considered it a form of murder.

What’s not to love?

H.P. Lovecraft gave us the literary creature Cthuhlu, a monster that spawned a mythology, countless rock bands, endless spin-off video games and an infinite number of pronunciations. He was a prolific letter writer and influenced Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates.

Highsmith and Lovecraft offer the reader a fantastic opportunity to experience expertly written horror and suspense, American-style. Even though Strangers on a Train catapulted Highsmith to fame and Lovecraft died virtually unknown, both are considered iconic American authors.

Today, as Halloween approaches, and we find the election season nothing less than frightening, may I suggest you check out the fabulous works of these two American writers, who bring us a worthy fright and welcome literary distraction from a creepy electoral spell.

Let me know your favorite Lovecraft and Highsmith titles!



Click on the images below to locate these books and video at your local branch! 

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You can check out copies of books discussed on the show at any Jacksonville Public Library, or purchase copies at the Book Nook or Chamblin’s. Mention you’re with the First Coast Connect Book Club to get a discount.

Stacey Goldring

Tell us what you think of the book:

  • Did you like it?
  • Why or why not?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Would you read another book by the same author?

Send your questions, thoughts, and observations to

You may also find these authors in the library’s digital collection.

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