Galentine’s Day!

February 14th is a day for romance, for chocolates and roses and Hallmark cards in the sacred tradition of St. Valentine…but the day before is for the time-honored tradition (you know, since 2010) of celebrating gals! First introduce by Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, in Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a day anyone can celebrate by recognizing the women in your life who are like majestic winged unicorns.


Here are a few ways that you can show the gals in your life, just how much you appreciate them!

  1. Take your BFFs out for breakfast—because “why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” Don’t skip out on the waffles. With extra whipped cream.breakfast-food
  2. Share a powerful song with a friend. It can be a song that you’ve sung together and loved, or try a tried and true track like Helen Reddy’s, I am Woman!
  3. Bake something with, or for, your best gal friends. Extra chocolate chips are a bonus here!
  4. Start a book club of book-loving ladies. Emma Watson, who starred as Hermione in Harry Potter and works with UN Women to promote women’s rights worldwide, created a feminist book club. Join in on their discussion, called Our Shared Shelf, or start a book club of your own! You can find a copy of the month’s book in our catalog, or choose another selection like Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girl.”shared-shelf
  5. Tell your most ambitious, proactive lady friend she should run for office, and then research how together!
  6. Make a conscious effort to share a compliment with your lady friends. Remind them how they nailed that presentation, give them props on their chocolate cookie recipe, or just tell them they’re a “poetic, noble land mermaid.” It doesn’t have to be a big compliment to put a smile on their face.tim-gun
  7. Make a donation in the name of your girlsquad to an organization like Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls or a local organization like the Jacksonville Chapter of the Pace Center for Girls.

What’s your favorite way to remind your friends how much you care about them? Share with us!

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