Library’s 3-D Printing Service is Sweet Deal

Cookies and 3-D printers may not have many things in common, but they do have one thing: baker Kealalani Baumann!

Kealalani, or K as her friends call her, and her husband run Maddy D’s, a small sweets company, that specializes in unique, personalized cookies. Their cookies are often ordered for special occasions and holidays, which means the cookies need to reflect the festive theme of each event. That’s where the 3-D printer comes in! With the help of our 3-D printing service, K makes her very own inexpensive cookie cutter designs that fit her exact needs.3-15-2017 081

When asked how she got into baking K laughed, saying, “I’m not really a baker.” She’s always been an artist, but currently cookies are her canvas. K comes from a long line of self-starters and entrepreneurs and when she saw that the library offers 3-D printing services to customers she was thrilled to give it a try.3-15-2017 072

It’s easy to submit designs that have already been created online, but she wanted a little more room for customization. She found that customization with computer classes offered at the Library with our e-library specialists. K signed up for classes to learn Blender, the software that makes it easy to create designs for the 3-D printer. Once K took the class and started playing around with cookie cutter designs, she was hooked.3-15-2017 079

With a whopping 300 store bought cookie cutters in her own personal stock, she still found that she needed new designs. That’s when she realized she needed to design her own molds. With over 50 patterns currently on file, K keeps a few things in mind when designing her cookie cutters. She focuses on patterns that can live as many lives as possible.  For example, see this leaf cookie cutter? This leaf can double as the top of a pineapple, a tree, and who knows what else!3-15-2017 069

K is a big believer in utilizing the library in every way possible. When asked what kind of advice she’d give to others who want to create their own designs with our 3-D printing service she said, “Take the class on Blender. Learn how to use the program.”

While the 3-D print service and pickup is available at the Main Library and the Beaches branch, many of other branches have  computer classes on how to use Blender. You can learn the software, make a design, and send it off, all without too much hassle! It’s minimal cost to you too. All you have to pay for is the cost of the plastic used to make your design. At most each design will cost about $5! To find out more about our 3-D printing service, visit our 3-D Printing page on our website!

For more details on how to use the free 3-D service, check out our blog on How to Be a Master 3D Printer. Once you create your own design share via social media and tag us along with #Jax3DPrints, we just might repost it!

3-15-2017 083

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