Haiku for You

As we wave goodbye to the last day of April, we honor Poetry Month with a couple of excellent (library related) Haiku’s!

Attention Muggles:

Can you tell me where to find

a fantastic beast?

Beth Fredrick

Start here. Go anywhere.

Chase your dreams at JPL

Love the library.

Deidre Hicks

Access: easy and free

Everything that can be

At your library.

Erin Tuzuner

The Library is

more than books. It is all the

things you cannot see.

Brentley Stead

From Great Heights:

Blaze through the heavens

A marvel of speed and stealth

The peregrine soars

Anthony J. Baltiero

Programming for Teens

Get to YES is what we do

by having a BLAST

Rafael Reid and Anjelica Bencomo

Haiku’s are three line poems with a 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern. They often have to do with nature, but can be on any topic! Create your own and share them with us!

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