Get Ready for Maker Con

Get ready for Maker Con on Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Main Library! This exciting new festival has three components: presentations by local experts, a cosplay contest and a marketplace. If you’re a maker, we want you to join us in our marketplace!

The Maker Con is new this year, but we’re pretty excited about our programs! Presenters will discuss a variety of topics with speakers from Sally Corporation, Make Me Designs and SciHouse. These segments will take place throughout the day and will cover topics such as how to make accurate cosplay weapons, and what it takes to make animatronics so lifelike.

The Marketplace will feature makers of all trades including Silvan Naturals that creates customized candles for your cosplay character. Raelyn Wiirre, the coordinator of this year’s Maker Con says, “this is a really interesting event for a lot of reasons, but especially for vendors to set up in our marketplace. Since library programs are always free to the public we don’t usually have vendors’ goods for sale, but with Maker Con you get the chance to set up shop in the library and share your work with the public.”  

So, if you’re a crafter, author, baker or artist  – basically if you’re a makerthen we want you! Set up shop at the Maker Con by registering to be a vendor. Send in your application before Sept. 1, and we’ll see you there!  

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