About Our Blog

Jacksonville Public Library is one of the area’s precious centenarians. Born in 1905 with a little delivery help from Andrew Carnegie, the library remains a cherished community resource.

With our blog stories, we hope to connect you with the staff and customers of our living-breathing-changing library. We’ll do our best to take you behind the scenes of the oldest information source in town and show you just how lively this centenarian really is!

And if you have a question that you think others might like to read about too, please send us a story idea. We’d love to hear from you.

With 21 library branches in Duval County, we have a lot to talk about. So tune in often and connect with us.


P.S. If you found this site by mistake and are really looking for the main website, follow this link to jaxpubliclibrary.org.


  1. Can’t read the cool signs people are holding. “somethigng somthing something because … ZINES” Can you make it where the pictures can be zoomed/enlarged?

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