Our Value

Click here to download the Jacksonville Public Library’s Value Sheet
Every day, Jacksonville residents enjoy direct and indirect benefits of the Jacksonville Public Library. We are an invaluable community resource that provides a broad range of services and opportunities that simply can’t be found elsewhere. Although demand for library services continues to grow, the budget for operations, materials and personnel continues to shrink.
What is your library worth?
  • 77% of Duval County residents have a library card, yet the library only makes up about 3% of city expenditures
  • We depend on volunteers to help us steadily deliver the level of quality services that our city relies on. Last year, volunteer workers contributed 29,419 hours of their time to the Jacksonville Public Library
  • Families rely on us and stretch their limited household budgets by checking out library materials. Library customers saved more than $112 million last year by checking out library materials rather than buying them.

How much do you save by using the library?
Library customers in Jacksonville saved over $112 million at the library by checking out materials and taking advantage of library programs and resources. Check out this handy Library Value Calculator to see how your library usage stacks up. Then, contact your City Council member to let him or her know just how much you value your library!

(Sources: Jacksonville Public Library statistics, 2009-2010; ALA Library Value Calculator. City of Jacksonville FY11 Budget Book; Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services. Taxpayer Return on Investment in Florida Public Libraries.)

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