We Love JPL

Below, you’ll find just a sample of the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers and visitors. Young and old, from all corners of Jacksonville and from many nations around the world–our customers rely on us as a vital community resource. Click here to discover more about our value in your home and take a moment to tell us why we matter to you. Then, contact your City Council member to let him or her know just how much you value your library!

Customers speak out about why we’re essential:
♥ “I think that the public library is invaluable – whether the use is for someone that simply wishes to save money or the environment or if it’s someone that couldn’t afford to access the materials otherwise, the service provided by the public library cannot be measured. Rather than reducing the employees, hours, etc. this is one area of the local government that should be given MORE resources to serve a larger portion of the community.”

♥ “As an avid reader, I absolutely cherish my neighborhood library.  All of this news regarding budget cuts is really disturbing to me.  I have definitely seen more patrons inside the library this last year when I dash in to pick up my reserved book.  It will be devasting to the Jacksonville community if the Library budget is cut.

♥ “When I moved to Jacksonville 22 years ago the first thing I did was sign all the mortgage papers and the second thing I did was get a library card.  I had my library card before I had the electricity and water connected at my house. The Beaches library is the best resource this city offers and I do not want services diminished.”

♥ “In one way or another I make use of library services everyday. […] When I visit the library for browsing the parking lot always has plenty of cars and the inside of the library is full of patrons, many of them children with their parents and teens working on school projects.  I don’t think I have ever seen a library computer that was not in use. It may seem that the library is a luxury in these hard times, but like education, without a way for our citizens to better themselves how can our society get better?”
♥ “I can’t tell enough about how important is the library for me and my family.  I come from a country where libraries are not important, as a matter of fact I don’t know if there is still one open.  If I have to pay late charges because I forgot to turn in something on time, I pay with such happiness because I know every dollar is used so efficiently.  My daughter calls the library her school and it is definitely true.  My kids love story time and craft time as much as I enjoy taking them there.”
♥ “The Library is invaluable to my family.  The calculated $5000.00+ dollars we saved (per the use calculator) does not reflect the value of the time we have been able to spend at the library looking for books and letting my child play for a while.  It has been especially important to us this past year as we were affected by the downturn in the economy and did not have extra spending money.  The library gave us a safe, fun place to be.
♥ “With the economy the way it is, [the library] saves my family hundreds of dollars monthly.   We no longer purchase books, nor rent dvd (even if they are only $1 to rent). Because of the movie selection, I have been able to reduce my cable bill.   I am so grateful.
♥ “I think it’s a great value to the community because of the so many ways it helps. It’s a tool in helping others find jobs, complete school work, do research, entertaining purposes and so much more! I’m happy to be able to utilize all of the services made available to me.”
♥ “The library is an amazing resource that many take for granted. According the value calculator I value my library at $10,524.70 🙂 I think that says it all :)”
♥ “I think it is Priceless.  So many citizens count on the library to learn about topics they have an interest in, travel through visual media, and hear music by artists long gone, retired or otherwise unaccessible.  Additionally, it is full of artwork most people could never afford to view in museums via books and video.  Also, the auditorium at the Main Library is a great venue for free live performances.”
♥ “Recently I have been out of work and unable to purchase the books that I love to read.  I started using the JPL as a source for literature and movies.  I have been so grateful to the Jacksonville Public Library for all of their resources and the money that I have saved borrowing their books!  Thank you JPL!”

Letters from students of the Center for Adult Literacy ESL classes:

♥ “My name is Sister Rose Susie Myint (SFX). I came from Burma (Myanmar). I have been in the US almost three and a half years. […] I love very much my library because I have learned so many things through books, internet, etc. Especially, I like my class. My teacher gives us different ideas every day such as reading, writing, and speaking. Before, I was afraid of people because my English was poor. Now, I’m not afraid to talk. I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.”

♥ “My name is Guillermo and I came from Peru, South America. When I arrived to the United States, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t buy my breakfast, I couldn’t go shopping, I couldn’t talk with other persons, and of course, I couldn’t work. All of that-why? Because I didn’t speak English. But my family said to me, let’s go to the Downtown Library. There, I found nice people. They helped me and registered me (for ESL classes) in June 2010. I go to the library for English classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and nowadays, I feel better. Now I work in a hotel and I can talk to coworkers and understand the manager. […] In the United States, there are a lot of immigrants that need English classes and it is good for the library to continue to offer that important English course. Thanks.”

♥ “I am very happy because this program has been giving me a great opportunity to improve my English. This program has been amazing. I could never have been able to do this without your help. I started learning English here at the library and I am confident. I think my pronunciation has been getting better every day. My goal is to speak, read, and write English fluently like everyone else. I love my library! Thank you! -Ny”

♥ “I love many things about the library. The Jacksonville Public Library’s Center for Adult Learning helps me to improve my English, to talk and listen to teachers. There, I meet many people from different countries. We communicate together. I find good teachers and free services–for example, reading books, listening to casettes, and using computers. It is very interesting to share my life and learn from others. The library contributes to help many people develop their skills. I love my library and I pass my best time here. -Fenelon”

♥ “I moved to Jacksonville twenty months ago. When I arrived in Jacksonville, my only contact was the library. You can imagine how difficult it is in a foreign country with foreign language and new culture. The library was the place where I felt safe among the people whom I trust. All employees and teachers have helped me in a relatively short time to learn basic English skills. Today, after twenty months, I discuss with teachers in the library to find an answer for everything. And for that, I thank you. -Hilmar”


  1. The Jacksonville Public Libraries are crucial to the community’s involvement, development and sustainablitiy. I, personally, visit the Beaches branch the most and I see it as the glue that holds the people together, the library does not discriminate or deny anyone a quiet place to study and read. I see it as a knowledge-filled, fun-loving, peaceful sanctuary for friends, family and neighbors to come together and spend quiet time browsing books, typing papers, printing resumes, broadening music scope, incorporating new recipes into the kitchen from cook books and allowing space for children to explore in a safe environment. I love the library, and I will support it energetically, physically, morally and financially whenever I can! I am very grateful for their services and warm hearts. I would recommend providing a fax machine at a low cost for the community to use. Thank you for all you do! Grace be with you. Amen – Veronika.

  2. Thoughts have crossed my mind time and time again. All city depts except police have taken a 2 percent paycut. When the police take the cut the 2.5 million dollar deficit would be made up in library funding. And let not us forget the 90 plus million dollar surplus in the cities coffers. The library has been hit every year. If education is so important that put the chips on the table and stop talking. Do we want a better community or not? Also, create a seperate tax for the library. Why should we send money to duval street just to see it trickle back in the form of a stiphon.

  3. I understand budget cuts. I understand we need to concentrate on important things. For me, that means helping people. I can MAYBE see closing the libraries on Sundays or another day of the week or limiting hours. However, Mondays are very important to lots of people, myself included. Monday is the day those of us without a job, who can not afford internet access, use the library internet access to apply for our “reemployment” benefits. Without that ability, another hurdle is placed on the path to whatever is needed. An inability to use this incredible asset, would make it almost impossible for me, as well as the others I see every week/day at the local branch. Without this, I have no way of applying for the benefits, searching for a job – the very few that are out there – as most applications are entered online now instead of in person. I appreciate the internet, the movies and music and the books to which we have access. As I am unable to afford cable or internet in my home, the resources I can enjoy while in the branch as well as those I can take home, are invaluable to me. Also, children need access to these things. As a child, the library was a wonderful source of information and imagination. I will always value the lessons, knowledge and independence I gained from my life long love of the library. We need to look for other ways to support such a wonderful resource. Not all families, regardless of color, national origin, or income can afford the luxury of internet and/or buying resources to help them grow and learn….the library can do that for them. Maybe some of the people, the Mayor included, who make these decisions, should try to participate in life without their smartphone and email and cable and internet access we so take for granted everyday. If they were the ones needing the resources, they would surely go back to the fundamental ideas of this country and realize the founding fathers meant for us to help each other, not increase the divide between those who have and those who don’t.

  4. We value our time spent with our daughter at the library. We visit at least once a week to listen to story time, participate in art time, and gather our newest reading material. A library is a safe place for growing minds and should be a vital resource to keep children in school and off the streets. Losing after-school library activities will deeply effect those that utilize this resource the most. Budget cuts that reduce the hours of operation to times when people are either in work or at school seems ineffective. Cleaning up the areas surround the libraries might also bring more visitors and events and revenue to avoid budget cuts.

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